The hostel is an important institution, where the boarders develop many good qualities through its programme. By organizing activities like debates, musical evenings, indoor games, paper reading, tournaments and monthly dinners with chief guests, speeches and cultural programmes, the hostel makes the inners of the students outer. A hostel is a shelter for the students who come from far off places. Students live there with each other and learn the value of discipline and co-operation. The atmosphere of a hostel is conducive to study. Hostels are situate close to college. Thus the teachers have direct watch and supervision over the students in the hostels. Further, it saves time of the students for study. The hostel life is a disciplined life. It teaches them a sense of responsibility in matters of taking care of books, clothes and health. Students do all the works with their own hands. Thus they become self-dependent. They try to manage themselves with the money from their father. They try to adjust themselves with all kinds of situations.


Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College has spacious and well furnished hostels. Canteen facility is available in the campus. The hostel has separate common room with colored television, and facilities for indoor and outdoor games.

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