A library can be considered a store – house of knowledge. In dictionaries the word “library” has been defined as “a building or room containing a collection of books”. A well-stocked library is an positive feature to the college. A library has a librarian to guide and attend to the readers. A library is a place where not only books but also journals, magazines and newspapers are well-stocked for the benefit of the readers. It helps the spread of education. The library is a boon for poor students who cannot afford to buy text books or other books of their interest. They can borrow these books and read or study them at ease at home. A library is thus a help to the society.

The modern library of the polytechnic is equipped with the latest books in the field of engineering, technology and related areas; with the collection of assorted and exhaustive texts and reference books. It has:

  • A rich collection of 13761 books of renowned authors
  • Reading room with all the latest journals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers
  • VBS Book-bank facility for the students in which students get 8 books
  • Provision of separate bank of 750 books, provided by the Social Welfare Department for S.T./S.C. students.

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